Jan 11

Tips For Excellent Reputation Management For Dentists

As the owner of a dental practice, you will be aware of how important your reputation is to ensuring that your business remains successful. More and more people now read reviews and client testimonials before they commit to any dental work, to try to help them to decide which dental practice to choose. The simple fact is that dentists who have mainly negative reviews from previous clients are much less likely to receive enquiries from new clients than dentists who have mainly positive reviews are. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your online reputation is properly managed. Here are some tips on reputation management for dentists.

1) Hire a firm which knows how to manage dentist reputations
The best companies for reputation management for dentists will be very easy to find online. Because positive promotion is part of their job, they will be able to positively promote their own company, thusly making it easy for you to find the best local and national firms which manage dentist reputations. If they are easy to find, then that is proof that the firm is good at what it does. These firms will be able to help you to take care of areas of your online reputation which you may not even have realized existed! They can take care of positive promotion and good customer interaction on review sites, social media sites and on many other places on the internet.

2) Make sure everyone in your firm understands the principles of good customer service
The ways in which members of your practice interact with clients will have a huge effect on how your company is perceived. All members of staff should be positive, friendly and helpful to customers at all times, even if that customer is not being all that friendly in return. If your staff maintain this positive demeanor, then you will be well on the way towards getting plenty of positive reviews. However, if your staff are rude and unhelpful to customers, you can expect to see a host of negativity coming through in other people’s comments.

3) Follow-up with your patients
After you have performed a treatment or a procedure on a patient, you (or one of your team) should always give them a quick follow-up call to ask how they are feeling and whether they have any feedback. Taking action in this way will make them feel valued and will also allow you to find out if they had any issues with (or after) their treatment. If they do have any negative comments about the treatment that they have received at your practice, then you should treat these pieces of information as “golden nuggets”. Finding out what is causing problems for clients is the first step towards fixing these problems and improving the overall service that you are able to offer to people, therefore these pieces of information are very valuable! On the other hand, if they are positive about your services, you will know that you are offering what clients want.


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