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The Main Dental Solutions for Damaged and Missing Teeth

Despite the available modern methods for oral care, many people have severely damaged or missing teeth. The causes are many with the major ones being stress, diseases and accidents. Thanks to the advancement of dental medicine, the serious problems can be fixed. In fact, there are different solutions available. Learn more about the main ones.


The dental veneers are shells which go on the teeth and give them the desired shape, texture and look. They are widely used for filling gaps, for straightening uneven tooth alignment and for protecting worn-out enamel. They are also used for repairing cracked, chipped and discoloured teeth.

The veneers are made from porcelain and this gives them a bright white surface, which will give you a gorgeous smile in turn. They have to be placed very carefully so that they do not recede from the gum line. They have to bond excellently to the teeth so that shifting is prevented. They typically have a useful life of 10 years.


These have been around for quite some time and are still among the main solutions offered by cosmetic dentistry. The crowns are caps which are placed above the remaining healthy parts of severely damaged teeth. In order for a crown to be used, the tooth must have a healthy root and a top part which can hold the crown. The all-ceramic crowns are considered to be the best as they combine strength with great looks. With proper care, they are extremely long lasting.


The bridges used to be the main solution for missing teeth. A bridge is a prosthesis which looks exactly the same as a real tooth. It is set in place of the missing tooth and is attached to the neighbouring teeth. It forms a bridge and this is where its name comes from. The modern technologies used

Jan 01

How To Find The Dentist A More Pleasant Experience – Sleep Dentistry

Fear of the dentist is one of the most common adult fears in the Western world. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are filled with anxiety at the mere suggestion of going to the dentist, and many of these people will actively avoid going to the dentist altogether if they can. However, avoiding the dentist can have a serious effect on dental health, which may actually mean that in the long run, these people have to see much more of the dentist than they would like. Thankfully a technique known as sedation dentistry (or sleep dentistry) has been developed.

Sedation dentistry is now used across North America for procedures which should not normally need any kind of anesthetic. Both general and pediatric dentists are able to take continuing education courses in sedation dentistry, to enable them to offer a better class of service to their patients. In many cases, sedation can also make it much easier for the dentist to be able to do their job! Here are some of the main benefits that sleep dentistry has to offer to patients and dentists:

Patient relaxation – the patient feels more relaxed about having the treatment done, meaning that they are more open to having necessary treatments.

Increased comfort – patients experience less discomfort during procedures, meaning that the experience of visiting the dentist is less unpleasant for them.

Control of gag reflex – patients who are anxious about visiting the dentist may gag more often, making it harder for the dentist to do their job. Sedation dentistry will help to control a patient’s gag reflex.

Little or No Memory of Treatment – after sedation, the patient will have little or no memory of the treatment, so they will not be haunted by thoughts about the procedure later on.

Patient Co-operation – Dentists meet with less resistance

Dec 27

How To Find An Expert In Family Dentistry

Taking your child to the dentist can be a traumatic experience for both of you, as children may be scared and confused by what is going on, and you may feel unhappy about your child being so upset. However, it is very important that you take your child to the dentist regularly, so that they can maintain a great level of oral health. In order to make the trip more bearable for the both of you, it is important that you find a child-friendly dentist. General dentistry has a lot to offer to families, and finding a good family dentist can help to instill great oral hygiene practices in them, which will help them to maintain great teeth for the rest of their lives. Here are some of the things that you should consider when you are investigating family dentistry and finding your family a general dentist:

Bedside Manner
A good family dentist should have a great bedside manner, which will allow your kids to feel more comfortable. They will be able to explain what they are doing and why, without using long or technical words which might confuse or scare your child. They will also be patient with your child, and able to understand their anxieties and fears. Many dentists who are trained in family dentistry will have had extra training detailing how to make young children feel as comfortable as possible about their visit to the dentist.

It is possible for pediatric dentists to complete extra residency training which sets them up to work with babies, children and teenagers. As children’s mouths are still growing, pediatric dentistry is slightly different to the dental care which is provided to adults. A dentist who is trained to work with children will have a better understanding of the most common dental problems

Dec 23

What Should I Do If I Have a Loose Tooth

You should indeed be concerned if you are an adult and have a loose tooth. You realize that is not a normal situation and is indicative of a major problem. Cosmetic dentists and family dentists would be able to help the situation if there is anything that can still be done about that loose tooth.

Was the tooth loosened by a sports or other injury? Then there might be a good chance that your dentist can replant it if it is in good condition. Call the office immediately to find out what steps are necessary to save the tooth and transport it safely and quickly.

Sports injuries are a leading cause of knocked-out teeth, so helmets, mouth guards and face masks should be standard equipment. If a store-bought mouth guard isn’t comfortable, a customized one can be purchased from your dentist.

If the tooth was loosened due to periodontal gum disease, the supporting bone that held the tooth in place has started to erode away, the periodontal ligament that attaches the bone to the teeth has become progressively lost, and the gums are stripped back.

Periodontal ligaments are thousands of tiny rubber bands all around the roots of our teeth lined up like small springs on a trampoline. They allow teeth to bounce in their sockets without breaking.

The most common trauma that causes looseness is clenching teeth while we sleep with teeth forced tightly shut for many hours. Some symptoms of that clenching include sore jaw and facial and muscles, tiny fracture lines in tooth surfaces, and a sensitivity to cold temperatures.

Other factors that lead to loosening include lack of a good daily oral hygiene program, not eating a healthy balanced diet, lack of regular dental cleanings, an underlying infection in the gum or an abscess, bite alignment problems, grinding or clenching of teeth,

Dec 23

The Best Home Care Advice That a Dentist Can Offer

Dentists may vary in specialization – some focus on a family practice while others do cosmetic work, but they all agree that how you care for your teeth at home makes a big difference to your health and well being. By following their guidelines for caring for your teeth and gums at home, you can ensure that you will have the best health possible.

The key is to start young.

Set a Good Example for Your Children

There are many homes where young children – especially toddlers – are permitted to go to bed or start their day without brushing their teeth. Some parents don’t want to deal with the fighting that may ensue and others have established a habit where the child falls asleep in front of the television, making bedtime easier.

Whatever short-term gain you may acquire by this, the long-term costs will compound on a monthly basis against your favor. For this reason, Fredrick Ferguson, a father of 3 and the inspiration for a character of the same name in the hit book series Celebrity Team 6, has always instilled a regimen for his children that has included a high level of importance on oral hygiene.

Brush Twice a day, and Floss

Going to bed without brushing your teeth is a great way to ensure that you’ll have:

– Stained teeth
– Gingivitis
– Tooth decay

All of this will lead to having bad breath because nothing stinks more than rot. As everything you leave in your mouth begins to fester, irreversible damage is being done, creating an unnecessary higher demand for cosmetic dentists in your area. To combat this you must brush before bed and then again in the morning.

On brushing in the morning: some dentists recommend you brush after breakfast and others say you

Dec 21

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Dental Assistants

Those who are in the career of being a dental assistant understand their duties may range from interacting with patients to making appointments to sterilizing dental instruments within the dental office. The exact tasks may vary depending on the dentist office in which they practice, as well as the state in which they are working. However, their main duty is to work under the supervision and direction of a dentist, effectively completing daily tasks.

Dental assistants will be responsible for office work as well as working with a dentist. As mentioned, exact job tasks will vary depending on the office in which they work. Some may be responsible for office tasks such as updating treatment records, handing out bills, receiving payments, making appointments, greeting patients, and ordering supplies and equipment. Individuals who mostly work in a lab may maintain removable appliances, make casts of the mouth or teeth, or make temporary crowns.

Those who find they do well in this field are typically those who possess the following skills: interpersonal skills, organizational skills, listening skills, and detail-orientation. While exact roles may change from day-to-day, some aspects will stay the same. Dental assistants will always have interaction with patients, whether in the front office, or in an exam room. Therefore, individuals should also have developed “people-skills,” as well as compassion for when patients are experiencing extreme pain, or are nervous or stressed about a visit.

The Future
People have always been concerned with their looks for centuries. Today’s modern world is no different. As long as people are self-conscious about their teeth and smile, dental assistants should have job opportunities. Dental assistant employment is projected to grow approximately 31% between 2010 and 2020, as explained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Dental assistants may also begin to accumulate more responsibilities to allow

Dec 18

What You Should Know About Dentist – Supervised Teeth Whitening

There are three main options for getting a Hollywood smile. The at-home dentist-supervised tooth whitening falls in between the over-the-counter kits and the in-office treatment. Find out more about it and consider its good and not so good sides to decide whether it will be right for you.

How It Works

The at-home dentist-supervised tooth whitening involves the use of a custom-made mouth tray and bleaching hydrogen peroxide gel. You have to apply the gel on the tray and then put the tray in your mouth and keep it there overnight. Typically, the tray has to be worn every night for two weeks in order for the desired whitening results to be achieved, but in some patients, the treatment may take longer.

The unique thing about this method is the tray, which is customised to fit your teeth precisely. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide can also be chosen so that it matches your needs and the condition of your teeth. In any case, you can expect it to be lower than in the gel used for the in-office treatment. It is typically no higher than 10%.

Pros and Cons

The major advantage of the at-home dentist supervised tooth whitening over the kits for home use is the customised mouth tray. It guarantees perfect bond between the teeth and the gel for the best bleaching results. Besides, it makes it possible only for specific teeth to be bleached. Another benefit is that the gums will be protected from the bleaching gel.

The supervision provided by the dentist will guarantee effectiveness and safety. The specialist can perform more frequent checks in case you have sensitive teeth. That way, the strength of the bleaching gel can be regulated and so can be the treatment schedule. In the end, you will get the best results without side effects.

The main advantage

Dec 13

Tips For Lowering The Cost Of Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are great for people who have missing, severely damaged or broken teeth, but they can be too expensive for some people to be able to afford them. However, there are some tricks that you can use to save money on your implants or to help them to become more affordable. If you are looking for tips on how to cut the initial cost of your dental implants, then read on.

1) More means less
It is often the case that the more implants that you need to have done at one time, the lower the overall cost per implant will be. It is often more economical to have a lot of implants done in one session, because the dentist’s overhead fees will be spread out between each implant, rather than all of the overhead fees being connected to just one single implant. If you think that you may need multiple implants, talk to your dental implants dentist about this, and they will be able to explain the savings to you properly.

2) Special Offers
A lot of cosmetic dentists will have special offers or discount deals available for new customers, so be sure to look around for these deals before you commit to something. These deals can help you to get hundreds of dollars off of the cost of dental implants. Other deals will offer existing customers money off of implants if they are purchased in connection with other dental products or procedures.

3) Health and Beauty Magazines
Dental implants dentists often place adverts or do advertising features in health and beauty magazines, and these features often offer special discounts or money off coupons to readers. Magazine features are also a great place to find out more information about cosmetic dental work and how it can help you to feel confident

Dec 13

Temporary Pain Relief While Awaiting Treatment For Jaw Joint Disorder

Seeking treatment for jaw joint disorder from a qualified and competent dentist is essential for full recovery. The best dentist to solve Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJD) would have experience in evaluating jaw-to-bite relationships, occlusal equilibration treatment procedures (adjusting bite of upper and lower teeth) and use of intra-oral appliances.

However, you are likely to experience quite some pain while awaiting treatment. The TMJ Association, Ltd. offers some useful solutions that give temporary relief during that wait period.

Applying Moist Heat

You can either use a heat pack or make your own home-made version (simply put hot water inside a bottle and wrap it inside a warm, moist towel). Apply this heat pack on the side of your face and on your temple. Do this in 10-minute intervals. The moist heat in such an application will help reduce pain while improving function of your temporomandibular joint. Only take care not to apply too much heat, which will lead to more harm than good.

Applying Ice Packs

Although providing directly opposite conditions to heat packs, an ice pack can also serve to give temporary pain relief. It serves a three-fold function of decreasing inflammation, numbing pain and promoting healing of the affected area. Only make sure never to apply the ice pack directly onto your skin. Instead, wrap it in a clean cloth. Just as with the heat packs, only apply it in 10 to 15 minute intervals.

Limiting Jaw Movements

This is a no-brainer when it comes to pain relief. Any movements of your jaws would obviously lead to more pain. Therefore, avoid unnecessary movements of your jaws, which includes yawning. When an unavoidable yawn does occur, you can reduce the painful repercussions by supporting your chin using your fist during the yawn. This will prevent damage to the temporomandibular joint, while preventing the dreadful locking of your

Dec 08

A Dental Instrument That Is Painless

Usually the dentist is the last place you think about going, until you are facing pain strong enough to conquer the fear in search of a solution. Common reasons we seek a professional are cavities, broken or missing teeth, tooth pain, or cosmetic procedures. None of these things are solved painlessly, or without causing pain in the first place. What if I told you your dentist has an instrument that is painless requires zero Novocain and you would actually enjoy.

A condition you might not consider seeking professional for is bad breath. We have all had it, and we all have know someone whose got it so bad you dread when they get within 3 feet of you. There are variety obvious causes of bad breath such as smoking, drinking alcohol, certain foods, and chronic dry mouth. Garlic and onions are sure to give you a quick case of short term halitosis, but what if you practice good oral hygiene and are still suffering? Mints, gum, and mouthwashes can offer a temporary solution, if you think your situation is more serious, dental technology has come to the rescue.

The magical painless instrument is called a Halimeter. Halimeters are designed for the diagnosis of chronic cases of oral malodor. Bad breath is more scientific than one might think. The compound that causes stinky breath is a combination of hydrogen sulfide (responsible for the stench in landfills, pig farms, and fertilizer) along with other gases. Collectively referred to as volatile sulfur compounds (VSC), these compounds are located mostly on the back of the tongue, throat or tonsils.

The Halimeter was invented in the early 1990’s and approximately 3000 professionals in the field of dentistry have this tool available for their patients. The meter uses a gas sensor to detect parts-per-billion (ppb) quantities of bad breath

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