Feb 03

Kill Your Bad Breath Rather Than Feeling Embarrassed About It

Halitosis or bad breath is one of the severe issues that may result in the embarrassment and lower self-confidence in the people. Though, garlic holds an ill reputation in causing bad breath from the mouth of the people, there are other factors also that are more responsible for the problem. If you are suffering from the problem of halitosis, it is important to identify its cause to get a suitable treatment.

There are several factors that may cause the problem of halitosis. Some of the main factors responsible for it are:

– Use of tobacco – If you are addicted to tobacco, you are sure to become a victim of bad breath. Smoking leaves, tobacco particles in the lungs and leaves, the smell of tobacco in the lungs for hours. This causes the problem of mouth dryness and is one of the biggest reasons for tobacco addicts to suffer from a special kind of mouth odor. Cigarette smoking has a very bad effect on their physical as well as oral health, and it is always better for them to quit smoking.

– Food habits of a person – The kind of food a person eat has a strong effect on the mouth odor of a person. Onions and garlic are especially known to cause bad odor from the mouth. The food containing garlic and onion gets absorbed into the bloodstream, and the smell is exhaled through a breath of a person. This kind of odor is temporary and gets fixed as soon as the food gets processed.

– Caffeine intake – Excessive intake of caffeine does not only cause the problem of teeth staining, but also causes bad breath from the mouth.

– Drinking less water – Water is known to flush out the toxins from the body. It is important to drink adequate amount of water to keep the internal system of the body clean. Drinking less water is a contributing factor in worsening the problem of halitosis as it causes mouth dryness and decelerate the process of toxins and bowel cleansing.

– Constipation – Constipation is one of the big reasons for causing bad mouth odor. Constipated stomach is a sign of obstructed bowel movement that affects the sound oral health of a person and causes halitosis.

– Stomach infections – Stomach infections cause oral problems. Stomach problems like gastroenteritis and respiratory infections are the sign of poor physical health, the effect of which can be observed in the oral odor of a person.

Most of the times bad mouth odor is related to poor oral hygiene and wrong food habits, but the other factors also cannot be overlooked. Even brushing and flossing cannot help to control the problem, if a person is suffering from any other health issue.

Bad breath is an indication of several physical and oral problems. Tooth decay, gum problems and other dental diseases might be on its way on harming your sound dental health. Halitosis is a serious problem that must not be overlooked in any of the cases and a person suffering from it must consider visiting a good dentist for getting dental health advice.


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