Jan 28

Importance of Brushing and Flossing

You would have always been told that you should brush your teeth twice a day but do you really get down to doing it? Most people don’t realize the importance of brushing their teeth and flossing daily. Besides leading to a number of cavities and rotting of your teeth, lack of brushing and flossing can lead to a number of other problems.

Why Should You Brush and Floss?

Food particles get stuck in our teeth every day. A cup of coffee or tea discolors the teeth and smoking is generally bad for the teeth and gums. Something as simple as a toothbrush is a great way to get rid of the staining and keep the teeth white and clean. However, a toothbrush cannot reach some of those tiny particles which get lodged between the teeth. Dental floss is used to get rid of all these small particles. Otherwise, the food starts to rot in the mouth and you will be left with bad breath, unhealthy gums and rotting teeth.

How to Floss Properly

A lot of people pick up dental floss meaning to floss regularly, but after a few weeks, they stop using it or they don’t know how to use it properly. All that is needed is to cut about 18 inches of floss and wrap the ends around one finger on each hand. Holding it in place, maneuver it between the teeth and clean every section, bit by bit. Your gums may bleed a little for the first couple of times but that is only because they are getting used to the floss. You can floss before your meals, after you meals or even before or after you brush your teeth.

Benefits of Oral Hygiene

There are a number of long-term and short-term advantages of keeping your teeth clean. Here are some of them:

– Stronger Teeth: Taking five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night to clean your teeth can lead to stronger and healthier teeth, letting you chew better and enjoy your food more.

– Save Money: Keeping your teeth clean and free from germs reduces cavities so you won’t need to see a dentist as often. This saves a lot of money since dental treatment is very expensive and a lot of insurance schemes do not cover your dental bills.

– A Better Smile: If you clean your teeth well, all the staining will slowly disappear and you will have a perfect set of teeth to show off when you smile.


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